Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bridesmaid Dress Trends: Playing with Color

Brides are falling in love with is choosing bridesmaids’ dresses in colors that are complementary to one another, but not the same. If you want a dreamlike outdoor beach wedding, play with different shades of blue, champagne and gray. If you’re going to get married in a garden, think about fuchsia, pink and green. You can try to use the same base color, but you’d better to have slightly different shades to each girl. For example, you like purple. You can choose dark purple, light purple, plump or violet in your bridesmaid dress. And they can pick up a right purple one according to their fondness and complexion. Now I do some collections of several bridesmaid dresses in different colors for junior.

Champagne Spaghetti Straps A-line Jr Bridesmaid Dress
Green Spaghetti Straps A-line Jr Bridesmaid Dress
Orange Spaghetti Straps A-line Jr Bridesmaid Dress
Taffeta Spaghetti Straps A-line Short Junior Bridesmaid Dress

No matter what bridesmaid dress you choose, make sure to let all your bridesmaids get together to try them on before making your final decision.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Brown Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Colors are very important for a dress. Dresses in different colors will give us different vision effect and also can reflect one person’s individuality and preference. Brown is one of most popular color this year. If you are going to get married, you can take brown bridesmaid dress into consideration. Chocolate is a symbol of love. As we all know, before a boy wants to say I love you to a girl, he usually sends the girl chocolate. We can easily find the color of chocolate is brown. That’s why I recommend you to pick up brown junior bridesmaid dresses. Moreover, brown bridesmaid dress can go well with any complexion. So it will naturally coordinate with your bridal gown. Now I will give you a list of brown junior bridesmaid dresses for your consideration. To wear a right brown junior bridesmaid dresses, junior will enjoy your wedding.

Brown Junior Bridesmaid Dress
Satin Spaghetti Straps A-line Long Junior Bridesmaid dress

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Black Bridesmaid Dresses for Junior

If you are going to plan a wedding with black and white theme, the color of dresses for bridesmaid and bride has to take into consideration. It is easy to pick up white bridal dress. As for the black and white theme wedding, you’d better pick up black bridesmaid dress to match well with this theme. But how to choose beautiful black bridesmaid dresses for junior is not much easy. Let’s go to a black junior bridesmaid dresses world. All problems of yours will be solved.

Taffeta Scoop A-line Long Junior Bridesmaid Dress
Satin Spaghetti Straps Column Long Junior Bridesmaid Dress
Black Bridesmaid Dress
Black Bridesmaid Dress

Here I do collection of several black bridesmaid dresses for junior as the pictures show. Personally I like them very much. May it help you for your choosing a suitable and beautiful black bridesmaid dress soon.